Motor Glide

Frustrated with lack of progress? Learning to fly becoming too expensive? Need to complete your Cross-Country Endorsement? Want a Gliding Cloud Flying endorsement? Then MotorGlide is for you!

All of Motor Glide's instructors have many years of flight experience and are fully qualified instructors, approved by the CAA and the BGS. Unlike some training organisations, our instructors are not here with low hours waiting for an airline job; all of the instructors have thousands of hours on gliders, motorgliders and light aircraft.

Motor Glide is based at Long Marston Airfield in Warwickshire, right in the centre of the country, with easy access to some stunning areas for scenic flights, including the Cotswolds and Wales. Long Marston Airfield has a friendly, laid-back atmosphere and also offers the flexibility of both grass and hard runways. Unlike most training facilities, we can also come to you! If you have a number of students, or find our location difficult to get to by road, then we’re happy to reposition to your airfield for a day or two. There are lots of courses on offer:    

  • NPPL (National Private Pilot License) Training
  • TMG (Touring Motor Gliders)
  • NPPL SLMG (Glider Pilot Conversion)
  • Cloud Flying Endorsement
  • Cross Country Endorsement
  • LAPL Gliding
  • Trial Lessons

Now meet the team:

Chief Flying Instructor – Lee Ingram is a commercial pilot, holding an Airline Transport Pilot’s Licence with 4,000 flying hours under his belt. Starting gliding at the tender age of 17, becoming a flying instructor by the age of 19, and going on to gain his Private and then Commercial Pilot’s Licence, flying is Lee’s biggest passion in life and there isn’t much he hasn’t flown.In a previous life, Lee was a TV director and worked with Roland Rat and Sooty and Sweep. One of the best flight experiences he’s ever had was flying his Duo Discus glider up to 16,000ft.


Flight Instructor / Examiner – Matt Lane is a Chartered Aeronautical Engineer and specialises in the management of maintenance and airworthiness in the military Air Transport and Air-to-Air Refuelling environment.Like many, he started his flying career on Air Cadet Chipmunks and has now progressed to be an EASA CPL and Flying Instructor and Flight Examiner for PPL, IR(R), SEP, tailwheel, aerobatic and all motor glider ratings. Matt has extensive experience of managing flying training operations around the UK, and sits on the UK AOPA National Instructor Policy committee.He also instructs and examines for the Air Cadet Organisation and holds an RAF Central Flying School ‘A2*’ instructional category. Matt has also been fortunate enough to fly the Hawk and Tucano aircraft for an all too brief few sorties!

Flight Instructor – Mike Rogers holds an EASA Flight Instructor rating for gliders and holds a BGA Motor Glider Instructor Rating. Mike studied Aerospace Engineering at Bristol University and now works as an avionics engineer designing the latest in cockpit displays. Mike started to learn to fly at the Long Mynd Gliding Club before he could even drive.Now he has over ten years of flight experience and can regularly be seen soaring gliders in Shropshire and flying motorgliders here in Warwickshire. One of his best flying experiences was flying in the Spanish Pyrenees for a week, with breathtaking scenery and phenomenal gliding conditions!

For further information about Motor Glide and its many varied flying and training sessions please stop by their web site at or e-mail: or Tel: 07976 985689.