Global Gathering

The Global Gathering is an annual dance music festival organised by Angel Music Group, the company behind Godskitchen, and is a key player in the international festival market. In the UK the Global Gathering has become one of most popular electronic music festivals held in the month of July.

It has established itself as a major UK dance festival since it began in 2001 and has won the award for Best UK Festival for the last two years running in the DJ magazine awards and is now seen as the industry forerunner for worldwide electronic festivals. At the recent 2012 Festival Awards last years event was voted as the Best Dance Festival of the Year.

The festival provides entertainment from a range of electronic genres including live acts, house, trance and dubstep. Over the course of it's existence, the festival has grown to play host to over one hundred acts on sixteen stages.

With ten music festivals across the globe in countries such as Ukraine, Poland, Turkey, Russia, Belarus, Australia and the UK every single event has surpassed all expectations with top class electronic music artists and market leading production.

The festival has been running since 2001 and the concept came about following an unprecedented interest in the opening of Angel Music Group’s new club Code (now renamed Air) the home of Godskitchen, the organisers recognised that there was a real gap in the market and potential to expand out of the club and into the fields, and what an excellent decision that turned out to be.

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