Model Jets

Since the introduction of the first operational turbojet engine by Frank Whittle some 50 years ago, jet engines have become bigger and more powerful to meet demands of high fuel efficiency and specific thrust. Some years ago, a team of researchers in mainland Europe began to go against this trend by designing and manufacturing smaller turbojet engines for model use.

The size of jets vary from 4ft wing span to over 25ft. They normally weigh between 10 and 50lb and can fly at speeds over 250mph powered by a real minature gas turbine engine which runs at 190.000rpm with an exhaust gas temperature of 700deg C.

The typical cost of a jet plane averages at £6000 but can easily reach four times that. Every year the Long Marston based club in association with the Jet Modellers Association runs several weekend events. This is always very well supported raising hundreds of pounds for there choosen charity.

Venues are getting more and more difficult to find to fly model jets because of the speeds they fly at, and they do require a full size runway to launch themselves off.

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Photo courtesy of Dave Derry