ROSSA Radio Control Model Car Speed Challenge Weekend ()

Starts Sat 09 Sep 2017 08:00, Finishes Sun 10 Sep 2017 17:00

What is ROSSA?

For some time there have been groups of people and individuals that run RC cars and measure their speed to answer the old question "How fast does it go mister?" Some groups have managed to stage small speed events and the results of their speed runs were usually posted on the internet. In 2006 an event was organised by Radio Control Car Action magazine in the USA to gather these loosely connected people and allow them to run their cars in a more formal event. It was a success and it resulted in the Guinness Book Of Records to recognise Nic Case as the Worlds Fastest RC Car at 134.4mph. This is the kick off the sport needed.

A further event was run at the California Speedway in Fontana USA and I was lucky to attend. I met Nic and we hit it off and we talked about how speed events could grow and we could have events in other countries.

I then returned to the UK and organised a speed event in 2007. It was apparent that the events could be linked by a common set of rules. After discussions with Nic Case I formed the Radio Operated Scale Speed Association ROSSA.


Rossa’s main goal is to define a set of classes and rules  for the running of speed events to ensure equal and fair competition between speed racers no matter what their location. By having ROSSA define a single set of rules other events could be run under the same rules and competitors could now compete directly with other speed racers at different events. With the formation of ROSSA we can now organise a single world championships with individual events run in different countries running to the same rules with winners of classes coming from any of the events.

A.J Lovering - ROSSA Chairman

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Organiser: Radio Operated Scale Speed Association
Phone Number: 07734 245 233
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Shakespeare County Raceway
Long Marston Airfield
CV37 8LL